About me

I have been working continuosly as a freelance web designer. I started when I was 17 years old and I kept on learning web development online since then.

In October 2017 I received the Google Scholarship Challenge for Udacity's Front End Web Development Program. Only 2000 out of 20000 people achieved the requirements to pass the challenge and get a full scholarship, including me!

I also happen to be a recipient of the Rails Girls Summer of Code scholarship for 2018 along with my teammate and friend Diana. We were one of the 7 teams selected and funded and we will be collaborating this summer in an open source project! We hope this experience will strengthen our Front end skills (JS, React, HTML, CSS) and introduce us to the world of back end (Ruby in Rails).

If you check my resume you will find that along the way I also graduated in Photography (2010) and Curatorial Studies & Art Management (2015). I took some complementary courses on Art History and Filmmaking (2007-2009). Art is a big passion of mine and I had to know more! I apply all my knowledge & experience on this field, not only on my designs but also in my work process.

I am currently based in Barcelona.

My Skills

What I've been learning through the years

Web Design For Usability

2018. Interaction Design Foundation.

Nanodegree, Front End Web Development

2017-Ongoing. Google Scholarship Recipient. Udacity, INT

Ruby in Rails, Workshop

May 2018. SheHacks & Le Wagon.

Gamification – Creating Addictive User Experiences

Present. Interaction Design Foundation, INT

Adobe Illustrator: mastering the fundamentals

2016. UDEMY, INT.

The Complete Web Developer Course

2016. UDEMY, INT.

Graduate in Curatorial Studies & Art Management

2015 - Thesis: 2016. E.S.E.A.D.E. COLLEGE, AR.

Technician in Photography

2009. A. G. School of Creative Photography, AR.

Art History

2010. B. A. National Museum of Art, AR.

Fashion & Product Photography

2011. FotoDesign School of Photography, AR.

Check my Linkedin or Drop me a line to learn about what I've been working on since 2007.

Contact me at hello@artnerd.net